Bicycle Accessories


So you decided to gift a bicycle to your young child? Then you should also decide to add bicycle accessories because either doing so would add more excitement & fun in the process. A few bicycle accessories thrown in maybe just be the encouragement they need.

There are tons of types of accessories available for bicycles. The accessories are all about safety and convenience. But with kid’s bicycle accessories, they could be about safety and great-to-have, but they all have to be highly attractive. After all, they have to appeal to the most tough-to-please customer a young kid.

We’ve put together a few of the most popular kid bike accessories that you can explore to add to their riding pleasure, and some of them are about the rider’s safety.

1) Helmet

Safety first, no doubt, but the helmet has to look awesome too. Many kids’ helmets are available in bright and kid-appealing colours and may also sport their favourite characters. Choose one with multiple vents so that even in warmer climates, wearing it feels cool.

2) Spoke Beads

Spoke beads are sure to thrill most young kids. You can buy packs of these most attractively designed beads and have your child decorate the spokes of their bicycle. The choice in designs and colours is fabulous and can make any bike a star attraction.

3) Spoke Reflectors

The colourful spoke reflectors can jazz up a plain-looking cycle with their luminescent and highlighting properties. And best of all, the reflectors are safety devices to make sure that the cycle is visible in the dark environment. These reflectors are a sure-shot winner with most young boys.

4) Bike Bells

Bike bells for a kid’s bicycle come in interesting shapes, attractive colours, and different choices of sounds. Choose from a traditional bugle design to a ladybird-shaped bell amongst a plethora of exciting designs.

5) Streamers for Handle ends

A favourite and a must-have addition to the handle end that most little girls may enjoy sporting. Colourful and a visual eye-catcher, it is a definite add-on to make any little girl feel like a diva.

6) Cable Lock Wire

A Cable Lock Wire is a great ‘safety from theft’ accessory and gives your child a lesson in being responsible for keeping their bike safe. Look out for coloured ones that would appeal to kids. And ones with a keyless number combination are sure to thrill the young rider.

7) The Bottle Cage and the Bottle

Add a cage with a bottle and make sure it matches the colour of the bicycle. They really make your kid feel super-cool. And it is a great way to make sure that your kid remembers to stay hydrated while on a ride. Make sure that the plastic used in the bottle is a food-grade one.

8) Bike Basket

A super cute add-on and a really helpful accessory to carry the little things like toys or your kid’s knapsack. You can get wired ones or plastic ones or for other similar exciting designs. You can even look at sober colours that could appeal to the young lad. Choose a style according to what would appeal to your child.

9) Guard Kit

A guard kit is used by young skaters and bicycle riders. It includes a helmet, protective knee, elbow pads, and protective gloves that make sure your kid’s palms are safe in the event of a fall. The use of the guard kit is valuable in the initial learning day and can be done away with once the child is confident.

10) Training Wheels

You can add training wheels in case the kid’s bicycle does not come with it. It is a perfect addition, especially during the time the child is starting to learn to ride. You can easily remove them when your child pedals confidently without needing those extra sets of support.

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